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Cambridgeincolour Lots of tutorials and technical articles abouts digital sensors, diffraction, sharpness etc

DOF calculator I From Enrico Savazzi website, based on Lefkowitz formula

DOF calculator II From nikon's microscopy site. Very useful to find the number of shots needed in a stack   English website with lots of information on extreme macro photography

Macrosmuymacros    Thread in started by Javier Replinger which after more than 90 pages and 170.000 visits made us make this site (in Spanish) Macro web site managed by John Hallmen and Stanislav Snäll with very good articles (in Swedish) best source of information for macro and microphotography

The macrolens collection database  The most complete database of macrolenses online, by Dr. Klaus D.  Schmitt


John Hallmen      John Hallmen's flickr site             John Hallmen's website

Javier Replinger  Javier Replinger's flickr site

Nikola Rahmé     Nikola Rahmé's flickr site

Javier Torrent    Javier Torrent's flickr site


Combine ZP        Free focus stacking software

Helicon Focus    Another focus stacking solution

Zerene Stacker  Focus stacking software developed by Rik Littlefield; one of moderators


Stackshot Electronically controlled macro-rail

Arduino  Open source hardware/software platform for DIY projects

More to come